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Project 22350 frigates will be equipped with weapons to combat submarines


The command of the Russian Navy has decided which ships will be equipped with the latest development to combat submarines – anti-submarine guided missiles (PLUR). The first to take them aboard are Project 22350 frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov class, Izvestia sources in the military department said. It is noted that the novelty will replenish the arsenals of ships of the “admiral’s series” next year.

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PLUR is considered the most dangerous weapon for submarines. Depth charges have low accuracy, torpedoes have a relatively short range, and a missile can be launched tens of kilometers. When it hits a given area, a small torpedo is separated from it, which independently searches for an underwater object and hits it.

According to leading expert of the Center for Naval Analysis Mikhail Kofman, for a modern warship there is nothing more deadly than a submarine. “No matter how large, sophisticated and technologically advanced surface ships are, submarines remain the main predators of the ocean. After all, submarines carry cruise missiles on board, ”he said.

Kofman added that such weapons are most effective when the ship is working in conjunction with anti-submarine aircraft. Aviation scatters hydroacoustic buoys over the area, which “listen” to the underwater situation. When one of them detects the noise of a submarine, the ship fires a torpedo along these coordinates.

The fact that such a development is in a high degree of readiness was announced in August 2019. It was expected that the promising complex was launched into pilot production, and its tests are planned to be completed in 2020.

Read more in Izvestia on October 30


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