SSO SMERSH AK Russian army field equipment set


Brand Russian army
Country of origin Russia
Shipping cost $35.00

SSO SMERSH AK is a popular field equipment system for the Russian army of servicemen and airsoft players. SSO SMERSH AK is universal for all branches of the Russian army, it can be seen on both an FSB officer and a warrant officer of the Airborne Forces and on any contract soldier of any kind of troops in the area of ​​performance of service and combat missions.
1. Simplicity and speed of putting on, taking off.
2. Compatible and allows you to put on any winter clothing and body armor. The armor can be put on both on the unloading, so that if something happens, quickly throw off, and under it.
3. The presence of a modular principle allows, when using the base (belt and straps), having the necessary pouches, to complete the unloading depending on the task, type of weapon, as well as personal preferences when placing equipment.
4. Low center of gravity, the presence of a belt and shoulder straps allows you to evenly distribute the load on the back and lower back, as well as choose (like a backpack) what needs to be loaded (legs or shoulders) and what needs to be weakened.
5. Well suited for long marches on foot. It is comfortable to lie down, easier to crawl.

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