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In each category you will find detailed text support for all products. Russian military souvenirs and gifts are described in detail and photographed from all angles, you just have to study and compare in order to choose the option that suits you. Eye-pleasing design and a convenient order form allow you to spend time usefully, doing only the study of goods. Even if there are difficulties, our consultants are always ready to answer questions.

Here you will not find faceless Russian military souvenirs and gifts – only models are presented in the online store that are designed to remind you of certain military merits. Most are decorated with symbols of various branches of the military and ministries, from the FSB and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs to the GRU Spetsnaz, VVF and Navy. And even if a man, for one reason or another, has never served in the Ministry of Emergency Situations or the Marine Corps, with such a gift you will bring him even a step closer to his dream, give him the opportunity to feel attached to this honorable service that requires courage and courage.

The special attraction of Russian military souvenirs and gifts is that they are valuable not so much for their useful qualities (which, of course, is also important), but for their ability to create a good mood and bring people together. Here’s a work colleague presented you with a souvenir on your birthday. Nice? Even doubly: firstly, he demonstrated his friendly attitude towards you. And secondly, as it turned out, he did not forget about your birthday, he was preparing for it. Therefore, do not skimp on souvenirs, give them more often to your relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues. After all, the cost of souvenirs is purely symbolic, and how much joy they bring, how much human warmth they contain!