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Russian helmets

A good uniform is an essential part of any soldier. Now it is impossible to imagine a serviceman of any modern army without special uniforms, an important element of which is the Russian helmet. There are different types of Russian helmets, which are selected depending on the tasks assigned to the military. A properly selected military helmet will provide maximum protection and comfort during combat missions, as well as during exercises.

Manufacturing of Russian military helmets

Russian military helmets are made of lightweight materials, so the tactical helmet is easy and comfortable to wear. Low weight is combined with quality, which is possible thanks to the use of carbon fiber and high strength plastic. When making helmets, special attention is paid to thoughtfulness, depending on the purpose.

What is a military helmet for?

A good Russian military helmet makes any soldier more combat-ready and protected. Lights and other necessary equipment can be attached to the helmet. The special coloring makes the soldier less visible to the enemy, and the high strength contributes to reliable protection.