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Gorka suit – characteristic features

  • Consists of a jacket and pants. Moreover, depending on the generation, the jacket can be in a classic form, or have an anorak design.
  • Reinforced elbows, knees, shoulders and the obligatory presence of a pull-down hood. It often rains in the mountains, and any form will get wet quickly. And in this outfit, the shoulders and hood, reinforced with impregnated fabric, will keep the fighter dry for quite a long time.
  • Knees and elbows with a double layer of durable fabric protect against cuts and abrasions. Indeed, very often rock ledges and bushes are sharp as a knife. Often, manufacturers go even further and equip suits with knee pads and elbow pads made of durable non-combustible plastic.
  • The dense fabric from which the Gorka shape is sewn has one more property – it is practically not blown by the wind.
  • To prevent the set from “sailing” in the wind, the suit is equipped with drawstrings at the knees and elbows, and the hem of the jacket / anorak can also be tightened.
  • The trousers have elastic inserts, which allows them to be either tucked into the ankle boots or worn outside. In both cases, this prevents dirt and small stones from getting inside the shoe.
  • The military uniform of Gorka has a free cut, it does not hinder movement, and also allows you to pry on an additional insulation layer in frosts or at altitudes in the mountains.
  • This equipment, given the most difficult weather conditions in which she will have to fight, is made from low-combustible threads, with a dominant share of cotton. Cordura, carabiners and Velcro fasteners have increased tear strength and durability.