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Airsoft goggles, airsoft goggles

The presence of protective glasses is a mandatory requirement for admission to the game. Today, airsoft goggles can be divided into two main groups: with a lens and mesh. Each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages, let’s consider them.

Airsoft goggles with a lens are the so-called. “classics of the genre”. As a rule, for the game, either shooting glasses are used (they are very similar to ordinary sunglasses, but have clear (or colored) shockproof lenses), or tactical glasses. Their main advantage is their reliability and high impact resistance. Some models are capable of withstanding a shotgun shot from a distance of a couple of meters. In addition, they do not impair visibility in the dark, unlike mesh glasses. Some models can be fitted with yellow lenses for increased contrast. The main disadvantage of most models is that after a while the glasses begin to fog up, even despite the special coating of the inner part of the lens, which significantly reduces visibility. The level of fogging and the time after which the glasses begin to fog up can be different, but today only models with a built-in fan are able to completely solve this problem. Existing anti-fog sprays can also be effective in this situation.

Protective goggles for airsoft with a mesh instead of a lens are free from the lack of fogging at any temperature, intensity of the game and other factors. They are simple and do not require special care, they are not afraid of scratches and falls. They are an excellent option for playing in warm and hot seasons. The forced drawback is the lower impact resistance of the mesh than that of the lenses. This is due to the fact that an excessively strong mesh (for example, steel) can cause the ball to split and get particles into the eye. Therefore, in their production, special plastic is used that can protect the eye from several direct hits.