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It is not necessary to explain for a long time why special requirements are imposed on the strength of Russian military watches. Extreme conditions, natural disasters, climatic conditions force manufacturers to pay special attention to the strength characteristics of cases and dial glass. Exceptional reliability is caused by the risk of negative consequences if, at the right time, the mechanism fails. The accuracy and coordination of the actions of the subunits depends on the accuracy of the commanders’ clocks.

In addition, Russian military watches are equipped with special functions, the set of which is determined by the type of troops for which these watches are intended. These are altimeters for pilots, and depth gauges for divers, the rotating bezel also first appeared in watches for divers. The military needs a compass, indication of the date, temperature, barometric pressure and other useful features. Watch hands for the military must have a phosphor coating, the dial numbers must be large, clear and clearly visible from a distance. Mandatory illumination of the dial in the dark. To call a function, no complex manipulations should be performed, a light touch is enough. The watch design should be concise, not contain unnecessary elements. The colors of the case and strap should be predominantly dark, muted tones, or camouflage.

Many watch companies have begun to produce watches in military style, they are not subject to too strict requirements. Such watches are popular with travelers; it is convenient and useful to have such watches on a scientific or survey expedition. In such models, there are details of military watches that are purely decorative.