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Russian military sweaters are considered demi-season, because we use them in winter during severe cold. In autumn or spring, this is a suitable option for wearing under a windbreaker or raincoat. In summer, it is convenient to wear acrylic models during the evening coolness. Sweatshirts made of acrylic are highly wear-resistant, do not shrink and do not lose their shape. Acrylic is made in the form of a continuous fiber, so the surface of the sweater has a pleasant and smooth structure, and the weaving pattern is distinct and beautiful. This makes the model useful and neat looking.

A Russian military sweater is suitable so as not to catch a cold during evening or morning fishing. Also suitable for hiking or outdoor work. This element of clothing is necessary for security officers and people whose profession is associated with a long stay on the street. In this product, the body feels comfortable, naturally ventilated. Jumpers made of this type of material do not require complex care, they tolerate mechanical machine washing well.

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