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The Gorka suit is a mountain windproof model with high performance properties. It is made using various camouflage patterns. The classic suit includes a long-sleeved jacket and loose trousers. The jacket has a straight cut and is equipped with a hood, which can be detachable or one-piece. Additionally, it can have a pull-down link that regulates the volume.

The jacket is equipped with a zipper and a wind-shelter strap. For greater functionality, it has numerous pockets. Depending on the model, there may be four, six or more. From above they are protected by valves that protect the contents from getting wet. An integral element of Gorka’s suit are reinforced inserts and pads on the elbows. The bottom of the sleeves are often adjusted with elastic bands, and drawstrings are used at the waist.

The trousers of the Gorka suit are characterized by a free cut and a codpiece with a zipper. In some models there is a wide belt with an elastic band. Trousers as well as a jacket are equipped with a large number of functional pockets, both mortise and overhead. Reinforcing pads are provided in the seat area and on the knees.