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Russian military token

Military tokens of the Russian army are used in almost all countries of the world. Russian soldiers also wear military tokens while on duty, during combat operations, or on peacekeeping missions. The standard for this accessory came to Russia from NATO countries.

Various inscriptions, sayings and slogans of a patriotic nature are also applied to army military tokens. In terms of information content, they sometimes resemble chevrons. It can also be purely souvenir products, which depict the faces of saints or signs of the zodiac. Such products are purchased as a memento, amulet or souvenir, in contrast to standard versions, the main function of which is to identify a wounded or deceased soldier.

In our store of uniforms and ammunition, created specifically for military personnel, law enforcement officers, security agencies, airsoft fans, hunters and just active people, you can also find personal identification military token. They can be ordered or inexpensively purchased ready-made. For yourself or as a gift to a friend, comrade, brother-in-law, acquaintance. Today it is a fashionable and stylish accessory that will not leave indifferent any real man.