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“Officers of Russia” commented on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance to reduce the army


The reduction of the Russian army, which was proposed by the Ministry of Finance, could undermine the country’s defense capability. This was stated to “RIA Novosti” by the chairman of the presidium of the all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Major General, Hero of Russia Sergei Lipovoy on Tuesday. The 20th of October.

Non-statutory attitude: the Ministry of Finance has prepared a reform of the armed forces Among the department’s initiatives – a 10% reduction in the number of the armed forces and an increase in the age of retirement

According to him, the reforms proposed by the department regarding the domestic Armed Forces “cause, to put it mildly, bewilderment.”

“It is clear that the task of the Ministry of Finance is to optimize the budget. But optimization is an improvement, and the proposed initiatives can significantly undermine the country’s defense capability and lay not the best trends in the development of the Armed Forces, ”said the Major General.

He believes that in this matter it is necessary to be guided by the arguments of professionals who are on a daily basis in combat and understand the nature of modern challenges and threats.

Lipovoy also criticized the idea of ​​raising the retirement age of military personnel and not including in the length of service while studying at a military university. He noted that because of this, cadets and educational institutions may have additional legal difficulties.

“Will they also be ordered to take the oath together with the receipt of the lieutenant’s shoulder straps?” – said the chairman of the “Officers of Russia”.

He also asked the question “how and on what legal basis the cadets,” who did not swear allegiance to the Motherland, “will carry out guard and garrison service, go to internal squads, and perform other duties of military service”.

Lipovoy believes that saving on the army will not contribute to the growth of the prestige and popularity of professional military service among young people. In his opinion, now, when “the situation in the world is becoming more and more tense,” and Russia is constantly faced with the provocations of the Pentagon and NATO, it is simply dangerous.

Earlier on Tuesday, Izvestia wrote that the Finance Ministry had prepared proposals to optimize spending on the Russian Armed Forces. The department proposed to the Ministry of Defense to reduce to 100 thousand military personnel and transfer them to civilian positions – primarily doctors, teachers, logisticians and financial and legal officers. It was proposed to increase the length of service before retirement and start saving on food for the military.


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