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NI spoke about the “export hit” among Russian weapons


The Russian T-90 tank has established itself not only as one of the most versatile and powerful tanks, but also as an extremely successful export product, writes the American magazine The National Interest on November 14.

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The publication notes that the T-90 is a combination of time-tested technical characteristics, boasts a three-tier defense system and excellent weapons.

“The T-90 offers versatile weapons, headed by a standard 125mm smoothbore cannon 2A46M, capable of firing several different types of ammunition, in particular high-explosive anti-tank and high-explosive fragmentation,” the article says.

In addition, the Russian combat vehicle is armed with guided anti-tank missiles and an advanced fire control system that allows it to shoot accurately at night and at high speed.

The article notes that the T-90’s combination of reliable and affordable performance made it an export hit. At the same time, the new modernized T-90M and T-90MS received even more advanced weapons, a powerful engine and an improved Kalina fire control system.

“The T-90 and its many variants, more than 30 years after its introduction, are a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with a practical and cost-effective design,” concludes the publication.

In March, it was reported that two Russian tanks were included in the ranking of the best in the world. American experts singled out the T-14 Armata and the T-90M Breakthrough. It was noted that, in general, the communication systems and weapons of the T-14 and T-90 are similar, but the Breakthrough is lighter and cheaper than the Armata.


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