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New over-the-horizon radars will appear in the south and east of Russia


New over-the-horizon radar stations (radars) will be installed in the south and east of Russia. This was reported on December 14 at the RF Ministry of Defense.

Under the northern “Sky-M”: the Arctic will be closed by the latest radars Complexes in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug will take control of the airspace over the Arctic

“The plans for the development of the Russian system of over-the-horizon stations in the near future provide for the expansion of airspace control capabilities in the Southern and Eastern strategic aerospace directions,” RIA Novosti quotes a message from the agency.

In addition, the possibility of over-the-horizon detection of air targets in the Arctic is being studied.

On May 21, it became known that Russia is ready to sell abroad the latest mobile three-coordinate radar 59N6-TE developed and manufactured by the Federal Research and Production Center NNIIRT JSC.

It can detect a wide class of modern and advanced air targets, including hypersonic targets. It also effectively detects aerodynamic and ballistic objects. The radar has equipment for identifying detected airborne objects in the international radar identification systems Mk-XA and ATC RBS.


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