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Navy captain commented on US statement on Russian submarine off Alaska


There is nothing surprising in the appearance of a Russian submarine off the coast of Alaska. This is how Captain First Rank Igor Britanov commented on the statement of the American military on August 28.

And the whole sea is not enough: the president announced the supply of the latest weapons for the Navy This year, 40 ships and vessels of various classes will be accepted into the Russian fleet

“This is a daily service. Submarines are created for this. This is the Pacific Ocean. The entire Pacific Fleet is sailing all over this ocean. The American fleet is sailing all over this ocean and is coming closer to our shores, ”he told REN TV.

We are talking about the Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine “Omsk”, which together with the guards missile cruiser “Varyag” is on exercises in the Bering Sea.

On August 28, the US Coast Guard contacted the American military command in Alaska, which announced the upcoming exercises of Russian naval ships in the Bering Sea. The spokesman for the Northern Command, Bill Lewis, assured that the Russian military exercises are taking place in international waters, far beyond the territorial sea of ​​the United States, but they began to observe the movement of the submarine.

On August 27, Omsk and Varyag launched cruise missiles. “Omsk” attacked a conditional target from under the water with an anti-ship missile “Granit”, “Varyag” launched an anti-ship cruise missile of the “Vulkan” complex.


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