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More than 11.8 thousand Russian military have recovered from COVID-19


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 11.8 thousand Russian military personnel have recovered from the infection. This is stated on September 23 in the bulletin of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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During the day, 44 people recovered. Among civilian personnel, the number of cured persons increased to 1,482.

As of September 23, 476 servicemen with positive test results for coronavirus were installed in the military administration bodies, associations, formations, military units. Among the cadets and students of universities 98 people are ill.

921 people are being treated for coronavirus in 16 multifunctional medical centers of the Ministry of Defense.

At the end of August, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russian servicemen will be vaccinated against the infection without fail, and those on duty will be the first to be vaccinated far from their places of permanent deployment.

As of September 23, 6431 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Russia per day. For the entire time in the country, 1,122,241 people fell ill in 85 regions. A total of 19 799 deaths were recorded, 923 699 patients recovered.


All relevant information on the situation with the coronavirus is available on the websites of stopcoronavirus.rf and access vsem.rf, as well as by the hashtag #WeVotte. Coronavirus hotline: 8 (800) 2000-112.


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