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Mi-28NM helicopters will be equipped with a mechanism for launching kamikaze drones


Combat helicopters Mi-28NM will be able to launch mini-drones and kamikaze drones from guiding missiles.

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This became possible thanks to the B8V10-UV modular cluster unit of unguided aircraft missiles (NAR), which was developed by the Zaslon scientific and technical center.

Their difference from the weapons currently in use is the ability to adapt the number of missile guides for each task, as well as the equipment for programming weapons.

“The built-in hardware transmits information from the helicopter’s weapons control system to the payload, whether it be guided detonation missiles, guided missiles, mini-drones or kamikaze drones. Through it, you can, for example, pump energy into a battery in a drone, send a command to turn it on, start it, and it will fly further to carry out its program, “TASS reports, citing a source on Friday, October 2.

It is noted that initially the modular unit was developed for the Mi-28NM, while all Russian combat helicopters with a weapon control system will be able to use it. For the first time, the B8V10-UV gun block was presented at the Army-2018 forum.

On September 29, the general director of the Russian Helicopters holding, Andrei Boginsky, announced that serial production of the upgraded Mi-28NM attack helicopters had begun in Russia. As part of the state defense order, 98 vehicles will be delivered until 2027.


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