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Large landing ship “Pyotr Morgunov” completed state tests


The large landing ship (BDK) “Petr Morgunov” of project 11 711 has completed the program of state tests. This was announced on Friday, November 13, by the press service of the Yantar Baltic shipyard.

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“The large landing ship” Pyotr Morgunov “on November 11 completed the program of state tests in the Baltic and returned to the pier of the plant,” the Zvezda TV channel is quoted as saying.

Russian large landing ships of project 11 711 – ships of the near and far sea zone. They are designed for landing troops, transporting equipment and military equipment.

The first ship of the Ivan Gren project was commissioned in June 2018. Then it became known that on the basis of this project a landing ship with a displacement of 14 thousand tons could be created.

On the eve it was reported that the frigate of the Northern Fleet “Admiral Kasatonov” hit the target at the test site in the Arkhangelsk region with a missile “Caliber” from the waters of the White Sea, writes REGNUM. The target, located at a distance of over 1,000 km from the launch point, was successfully hit by the head of a cruise missile.


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