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Khmeimim told about the control of fruits and vegetables for the Russian military


Fruits and vegetables supplied from Syria for Russian military personnel are tested in a laboratory at the Russian Aerospace Forces base in Khmeimim, Syria. This was announced on Wednesday, December 16, by the head of the veterinary and sanitary service of the Russian Armed Forces grouping in Syria, Alexander Lapikov.

“To avoid food poisoning and poisoning among personnel, my service checks these vegetables for food safety,” he said.

The laboratory is located in several modular buildings. The devices are capable of analyzing any agricultural product. As Lapikov explained, first of all, radiological studies are carried out – they measure alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

On December 3, pilots of Su-34 fighter-bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Syria at the Khmeimim airbase and began training in aerobatics in winter conditions.


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