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Russian Intelligence Officers Completed The Assault On A Building In Belarus

Ufficiali dell'intelligence russa hanno completato l'assalto a un edificio in Bielorussia

[ad_1] Russian intelligence officers, together with their Belarusian colleagues, worked out the assault on the building during the first stage of the international army competition “Polar Star” in Belarus. This was announced on Friday, August 28, at the RF Ministry of Defense. According to the agency, a group of Russian servicemen landed from a helicopter, […]

The Head Of The Fsmtc Named The Amount Of Contracts For The Export Of Weapons For &Quot;Army-2020&Quot;

The head of the FSMTC named the amount of contracts for the export of weapons for “Army-2020”

[ad_1] Within the framework of the Army-2020 forum, Russia will sign contracts for the supply of weapons abroad for hundreds of millions of dollars. This was stated by the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev on Friday, August 28. Unmanned offensive: anti-aircraft “SuperPantsiri” will go for export Contracts are being […]

Manul Infantry Fighting Vehicle Has Been Created In Russia

Il veicolo da combattimento della fanteria Manul è stato creato in Russia

[ad_1] A new infantry fighting vehicle equipped with an uninhabited combat module has been created in Russia. It received the name “Manul”, said the chief designer of the Special Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (SKBM, part of the Kurganmashzavod structure of the state corporation “Rostec”) Sergei Abdulov on Friday, August 28. Knock out in one […]

Kovalchuk Spoke About The Role Of The Nuclear Project In Preserving The Sovereignty Of Russia

Kovalchuk ha parlato del ruolo del progetto nucleare nel preservare la sovranità della Russia

[ad_1] Russia managed to maintain its sovereignty largely thanks to the nuclear project. Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Kurchatov Institute Research Center, spoke about this on Friday, August 28, in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel. Unmanned offensive: anti-aircraft “SuperPantsiri” will go for export Contracts are being prepared for the supply of unique anti-aircraft […]

Su-27 Raised To Intercept Us Reconnaissance Aircraft Over The Black Sea

Su-27 sollevato per intercettare aerei da ricognizione statunitensi sul Mar Nero

[ad_1] A Russian Su-27 fighter took to the air to intercept an American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea. This was announced by the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation on August 28. Frontier generation: the first Su-57 will be sent to the Western Military District Serial fighters will be received by the […]

Nato Fighters Escorted Russian Planes Over Two Oceans

I combattenti della NATO hanno scortato gli aerei russi su due oceani

[ad_1] NATO fighters accompanied aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and naval aviation in flights over the Arctic and Pacific oceans, the Baltic Sea. This was reported on August 28 by the RF Ministry of Defense. “MiG” has arrived: pilots of carrier-based fighters will add virtuality New information display system will help pilots in battle […]

Su-27 Intercepted Three Reconnaissance Aircraft Over The Baltic

Il Su-27 ha intercettato tre aerei da ricognizione sul Baltico

[ad_1] A Russian Su-27 fighter flew to intercept reconnaissance aircraft from the United States, Sweden and Denmark over the Baltic Sea. This was reported on August 28 by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Celestial electromechanics: Su-57 will receive the latest control systems Russian aircraft designers plan to abandon hydraulics on the fifth generation fighter “To […]

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