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Iskander missile launches in Krasnodar Territory

Iskander missile launches in Krasnodar Territory


The calculations of the Iskander-M complexes of the Southern Military District (YuVO) have worked out launches from unprepared positions in the Krasnodar Territory. This was reported in the press service of the district on Thursday, January 28.

During the tactical and special training, the servicemen made a march and equipped positions at the training grounds.

Then the units moved to the designated areas to practice the tasks of deploying complexes, as well as camouflaging and reloading missiles.

The press service also added that after the electronic launches, the military removed the equipment from the retaliatory strike of the conditional enemy.

On January 22, it was reported that the rocket brigades of the Ground Forces, equipped with Iskander-M complexes, will begin to support the operations of the Navy from 2021.

The Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system is a joint development of the mechanical engineering design bureaus and Titan, as well as the Research Institute of Electronic Devices. Designed to destroy enemy air and missile defense systems and strategic objects covered by them. In addition, the complex is used to destroy accumulations of military equipment and concrete bunkers. Iskander-Ms have been in service with the Russian army since 2006.


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