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Il-76 crews worked out bombing near Tver


The crews of the Il-76 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia, as part of the control check, worked out bombing and firing from aircraft cannons in the Tver region. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday, October 22.

The department clarified that ground targets designated lightly armored and automotive vehicles of a conditional enemy. In addition, the “landing of airborne support calculations with the practical dropping of personnel” was worked out.

The paratroopers jumped from a height of 900 m, and the combat use of equipment was carried out at altitudes from 300 to 1000 m at a speed of over 500 km / h.

The crews of the Tver, Pskov and Ivanovo aviation regiments took part in the flights, while the crews included both young pilots and navigators, graduates of 2018–2019. Each crew performed at least three sorties for combat use.

Earlier, on October 14, the Ministry of Defense reported that two Russian Tu-160 missile carriers made a 12-hour flight over the neutral waters of the Barents, Norwegian and North Seas.


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