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Ground Forces will receive a new air defense system “Poultry”


In the coming years, the Russian Ground Forces will receive a new anti-aircraft missile system with laser guidance “Birds”. Earlier it was reported that the air defense system will go only into service with the Airborne Forces, however, at present, a fundamental decision has been made to modify the air defense system for the needs of the “ground passengers”.

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The air defense system should be tested in two years. In the troops, the novelty, installed on the BMP-3 chassis, will replace the outdated Soviet-era complexes and will protect equipment and personnel on the battlefield and on the march from modern drones and high-precision weapons.

In the ground version, the new air defense system can receive more long-range missiles than in the airborne one.

According to the schedule of test stages (available to Izvestia), it is also planned to complete the experimental design work on the development of the land-based Ptitselov and test it by the end of 2022. The development of two different chassis for it is being carried out in parallel.

It is already known that the complex will be equipped with a round-the-clock all-weather optical-location station with a circular view. With it, the “Birdman” will be able to detect targets without giving away its position by radar radiation. The same detection method is used by the Strela-10 air defense missile system, which a new complex is intended to replace. The key difference will be the guidance of more advanced and powerful missiles using a laser control channel.

Now in service with the Ground Forces there are various short-range complexes, including the Shilka cannon, the Tunguska missile and cannon, the Osa, Strela-10, and Tor missile systems. In the future, many of them can be replaced with a new single complex “Poultry”.

The airborne version of the Ptitselov is being developed on the chassis of the BMD-4M airborne assault vehicle, which will allow it to be dropped by parachute.

Read the full story in the exclusive Izvestia article:

“Birdman” with a laser: Ground Forces will receive a new air defense system


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