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Flamethrower systems “Buratino” and “Solntsepek” modernize


Heavy flamethrower systems (TOS) “Buratino” and “Solntsepek” plan to upgrade, increasing their firepower and security, connecting them to the “military Internet”. Sources in the military department told Izvestia that a fundamental decision on modernization has already been made.

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It is planned that the updates will first receive the newly released machines. And the systems already supplied to the troops will be modernized during the repair process.

As the sources explain, the improvement of the characteristics of the technique was required due to the growing range and changes in tasks for heavy flamethrower systems.

In addition to modern digital means of communication, TOS will also receive equipment in a closed data transmission segment, known as the “military Internet”. This will make it possible to integrate the machines not only into reconnaissance and fire circuits, but also into the most modern automated control systems (ACS) of the tactical level.

In the future, it is planned to adapt for them the latest long-range ammunition, which is used so far only TOS-2 “Tosochka”.

Read more in the exclusive material from Izvestia:

Machines fire: self-propelled flamethrowers await a major upgrade


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