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Electronic fog: a new complex of jamming was placed near Kaliningrad


The electronic warfare center of the Baltic Fleet near Kaliningrad was one of the first in the country to receive the latest mobile jamming system. It is designed to counter enemy air reconnaissance, sources from the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia. The region is increasingly becoming the focus of NATO intelligence services. And in September, US strategic bombers also imitated a cruise missile attack on the Russian exclave. The deployment of non-lethal defense systems will be an effective and inexpensive response to new threats, experts say.

Without noise on the air: troops are ready to jam enemy radio and television broadcasts The ultra-long-range electronic warfare system “Murmansk” will fight the propaganda channels of terrorists

Marine marvel

The electronic warfare (EW) complex delivered to the region is intended primarily to counter enemy aircraft, Izvestia sources in the defense department told. Retraining for it was carried out by representatives of the manufacturer directly in the military unit. The interlocutors did not specify the name of the new weapon.

Earlier, Izvestia reported on the plans of the Ministry of Defense to send to the Kaliningrad region the newest electronic warfare system Divnomorye, which was put into service in 2018. It is known that the machine, created by the Gradient Research Institute of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET), is designed to jam foreign radar aircraft and satellite radar reconnaissance systems, helicopters, drones and cruise missiles.

Electronic fog

Krasuha 4

Deployment of the Krasukha-4 ground-based multifunctional jamming module

Photo: RIA Novosti / Pavel Lisitsyn

Sees the target: “Epic” will be able to attack the enemy without the participation of the operator. The army will be armed with intelligent control systems for electronic warfare

According to the developers, the new complexes will make it possible to replace several types of equipment that are currently in service in the troops. Among them were named such electronic warfare means as “Moscow-1”, “Krasukha-2” and “Krasukha-4”. In contrast, the Divnomorye complex fits completely on one machine, which allows you to quickly move it and quickly deploy it in the right place.

In September, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that NATO aircraft more and more often not only conduct reconnaissance, but also imitate missile strikes on Russian territory. Fighters of the Aerospace Forces and the Navy several times rose to intercept and escort American strategic bombers B-52, which increased their visits to the Baltic Sea.

The deployment of new electronic warfare systems is an inexpensive but effective response to the activation of NATO in the region, in particular, to imitation strikes of American B-52s and the deployment of new radio reconnaissance drones in Poland, Colonel Vladimir Anokhin, vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, told Izvestia. In his opinion, in the event of aggression against the exclave, Russian forces will be able to simply turn off the control systems in Poland, the Baltic states, and also over the Baltic Sea.

Electronic fog

Electronic warfare specialist Photo: Global Look Press / MOD Russia

“The deployment of this non-lethal weapon will allow blocking everything based on radio electronics,” the expert explained. – This will create conditions under which it will be impossible for the enemy to assess the situation, both operational and tactical. When using the electronic warfare system, a “fog” is created in which it is impossible to understand what is happening. Electronic warfare equipment will protect a large area and, in addition, will operate deep into the territory of our opponents.

Kamchatka trap: new reconnaissance systems will be installed on the peninsula New equipment is capable of tracking ships and submarines of a potential enemy

Air calls

On November 12, the Polish Ministry of Defense released a photo of American MQ-9 drones with the latest radio intelligence system, which entered service only last year. The drone equipment is capable of automatically detecting and plotting military radio signal sources on an electronic map of the area.

These heavy unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the 52nd US Air Force Expeditionary Operations Group were deployed near the Kaliningrad region in 2018. In addition to operations from Polish air bases, the air group’s equipment was also temporarily transferred to Romania and Estonia. The Pentagon does not hide that the task of the unit was to constantly monitor Russian military activity in the Baltic and around Kaliningrad.

Electronic fog

Drone MQ-9

Drone MQ-9 with the latest radio intelligence complex

Photo: Polish MoD

Almost every flight of the Aerospace Forces in this region is accompanied by NATO fighters constantly on duty at the airfields of the Baltic states. At the same time, the Baltic countries regularly accuse the Russian aerospace forces of violating borders.

The Russian authorities at the highest level proposed to reduce mutual tensions in the region by agreeing on the obligatory use of transponder transmitters by military aviation. In this case, they would be clearly visible even on civilian radars. But this initiative has already been rejected several times by representatives of the alliance.

“New systems will be able to effectively solve problems without human intervention” Colonel Yuri Gubskov, head of the inter-service center for training electronic warfare troops, on the creation of a new generation of electronic warfare equipment, the training of specialists and the strengths of Russian technologies

At the beginning of this year, Poland signed a contract for the purchase from the United States of a batch of 32 newest fifth-generation F-35A fighters. Airbases in Malbork or Minsk-Mazovetsky, located near the borders of Russia and Belarus, were considered among the possible locations for their deployment. But then it was decided to deploy them next to Germany, outside the range of destruction of weapons available near Kaliningrad.

Center of interference

In the Kaliningrad region, due to its position and strategic importance, one of the strongest electronic warfare groups in Russia is deployed. Its core is the 841st separate Electronic Warfare Center of the Baltic Fleet. In terms of its capabilities, it corresponds to a regiment of a similar purpose in the Ground Forces. But there are also weapons specific to the tasks of the Navy.

So, at the end of 2018, the powerful Murmansk-BN complex was transferred to the Kaliningrad region. Its equipment, located on seven heavy multi-axle vehicles, makes it possible to interfere with communications equipment at a distance of up to 5 thousand km, including ships. Under ideal conditions for signal transmission, the range can increase up to 8 thousand km. The 11th Army Corps of the Coastal Forces also has its own electronic warfare equipment.

Electronic fog


Coastal electronic warfare complex “Murmansk-BN”

Photo: TASS / Yuri Smityuk

According to the Ministry of Defense, the functions of the Baltic Fleet’s electronic warfare specialists include not only jamming, but also collecting and analyzing intelligence information obtained by observing electromagnetic radiation in the short and ultrashort wave ranges.

In addition to electronic warfare equipment, conventional weapons have been actively updated in the Kaliningrad region in recent years. In recent years, several divisions of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems have entered the Russian exclave in the Baltic. The naval aviation received Su-30SM multipurpose fighters and upgraded Ka-27M helicopters. The armored units of the army corps are swapping out the outdated T-72Bs for their newest modification, the T-72B3M, which is better protected and with more firepower. The missile brigade was re-equipped with long-range Iskander-M with ballistic and cruise missiles.


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