GORKA 3 Ρωσικό μοντέρνο κοστούμι καμουφλάζ κούκλας spetsnaz


Χώρα προέλευσης Ρωσία
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Suit GORKA-3 (with buttons)
Fabric – 100% cotton – tent cloth with VO impregnation.
Good reinforced thread.
In a suit, all the places that take on additional load are reinforced with textile bartacks.

– the thought-over system of elastic bands and utyazhka creates reliable protection against strong winds, considerable temperature differences and penetration of dust
– double elastic band on sleeves, anthers on bottom
– the suspenders provided in a set increase convenience of carrying a suit.
– elastic coupling on a belt and a hem of a jacket
– hood, equipped with an adjustable oval, tightly adjacent to the collar of the jacket

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