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Defense of the Kuril Islands will be strengthened with “missile” T-72B3 tanks


The defense of the Kuril Islands is planned to be reinforced with one of the most modern vehicles in the Arsenal of the Armed Forces – the “missile” T-72B3 tanks. This was reported by Izvestia sources in the military department.

And no return: should Russia and Japan make concessions on the Kuril Islands. Recently published archival documents run counter to the official position of Tokyo

It is expected that the complete rearmament and mastering of equipment by personnel will take one to two years. The first cars have already been delivered to the islands. In the summer, the crews mastered the novelties on simulators, and in the fall they performed a set of practical exercises.

As the military expert Alexei Khlopotov told Izvestia, the T-72B3 tank is equipped with an increased power engine, a thermal imaging sight, an improved fire and communication control system, and additional protection. In fact, we are talking about the fire reinforcement of troops on the islands. The new equipment should become effective support for army units in anti-amphibious operations, Khlopotov said.

At the same time, military expert Viktor Murakhovsky is sure that a mobile armored element is absolutely necessary for the defense of the Kuril Islands. He called the T-72B3 universal and well-proven.

Read the full version of the material in the exclusive material of Izvestia on October 28.


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