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Defense Ministry denies NATO statement on violation of Danish border Su-27


On September 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied the accusations of the North Atlantic Alliance about the violation of the Danish state border by the Russian Su-27 fighter.

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“On August 28, 2020, a Su-27 fighter from the air defense duty of the Baltic Fleet was raised to identify and prevent the US Air Force’s B-52H strategic bomber from violating the State Border of the Russian Federation,” RIA Novosti said.

The Russian military noted that the flight took place over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea in compliance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace and without violating the borders of other countries, which is confirmed by means of objective control.

On the eve of NATO announced that the Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted the American B-52 bomber of the Air Force over the Baltic Sea, violating the airspace of the alliance in the area of ​​the Danish island of Bornholm.


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