Patriotisches Benzinfeuerzeug Russland

Patriotisches Benzinfeuerzeug Russland


Ursprungsland Russland
Lieferpreis $10.00

Gasoline lighter Russia is a bright and high-quality accessory created especially for Russian patriots. You can buy it as a gift for a patriot as a souvenir or as an addition to a larger present. It will appeal to everyone who is proud of the fact that his homeland is Russia. The lighter will be a good bright addition to your look.

Its construction is robust and wind-resistant. You can use the lighter in any conditions, including outdoors in windy weather. The body is made of sturdy steel. The lighter has a long service life, which can be extended using high-quality gasoline. It can be refueled an unlimited number of times.

The accessory is decorated with a bright print on both sides. The background is painted in red, blue and white – the colors of the flag of Russia. On the front side it has the head of an eagle, and on top of the hinged lid it says RUSSIA in red letters on a white background. The coat of arms of the Russian Federation is depicted on the back, on the body of the lighter itself, and the inscription RUSSIA is duplicated on the lid.

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