Orders and Shipping

It all depends on how far away you live, but usually one to three weeks

At the very bottom there is a link to my account, go to it and create

In your Account, go to the address tab and change

In the Account, go to the Orders tab, opposite each will have a status and a tracking number. We also send it to your mail

No, We do not store such data.

Taxes are already included in the price of the product

We work with all countries

We try to send everything in one package, but if there are a lot of goods, then everything will not fit in one. The post office has a weight limit.

Returns and Exchanges

If for some reason your product does not fit, or you are not satisfied with the quality, then you can return the product within fourteen days from the date of receipt.

In this case, you need to write to our support service at support@combat-market.com  to resolve the issue

We’re sorry, but we can’t be responsible for the shipping company

The return address is always indicated on the parcel

If for some reason you entered an incorrect address, then you need to urgently write to us at <a href=”mailto:support@combat-market.com”>support@combat-market.com</a>  and tell us the order number and the new delivery address. Keep in mind that if at the time of contacting the package is already on the way, then you will be charged the cost of sending in full volume

Yes, of course you can, but if at this moment the parcel is on the way, then you will be charged a fee in the amount of the cost of the shipment

Yes, of course you can, such products are marked in the store as pre-order