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Complex hike: “Super-Armor” will go to the Ground Forces


Long-range interceptors of ballistic missiles will be covered with the ground “Super-Carapaces”. The Ministry of Defense plans to use the Pantsir-SM-SV anti-aircraft missile-gun systems (ZRPK) for the defense of the S-300V4 air defense systems. “SM-SV” is a version of the newest air defense missile system, specially modified for the Ground Forces. Due to the tracked chassis, the novelty can be used in the most difficult terrain. Its armament has also been modernized. According to experts, the S-300V4 is effective in the fight against ballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft and even hypersonic aircraft, but at the same time it is vulnerable in close combat from the strikes of drones and “smart” weapons.

Air defense armor

Currently, the issue of including the Pantsir-SM-SV complexes in the air defense brigades of the Ground Forces is being considered, sources in the Ministry of Defense told Izvestia. It is expected that they will cover long-range S-300V4s from attacks by cruise missiles, small drones and precision weapons. With the fire of their double-barreled cannons, they will be able to repel attacks on marching columns and air defense positions of saboteurs.

The Ministry of Defense ordered the creation of a special version of “Pantsir-SM-SV” to cover the Ground Forces in December 2016 for 1.372 billion rubles. The first stage of work was completed in November 2018. It was expected that the newest air defense missile system will be released for testing last year. But in November 2019, the Ministry of Defense appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a claim against the developers to recover a penalty of 148 million rubles for a delay in contract execution. The court of first instance lowered the amount of fines and ordered to recover 3.9 million rubles from the manufacturer.

Unmanned offensive: anti-aircraft “SuperPantsiri” will go for export Contracts are being prepared for the supply of unique anti-aircraft missile-gun systems and attack drones “Orion” abroad

Last week, the press service of the Ministry of Defense announced the first delivery of the S-300V4 to the Far East. They were received by the newly formed air defense brigade. In the future, a subdivision of these systems will receive each of the four military districts, as well as the Northern Fleet.

“The appearance of the Pantsir-SM-SV complexes will greatly increase the capabilities of our air defense at low altitudes and in the near zone,” Aytech Bizhev, the former deputy head of the Air Force for the Common Air Defense System of the CIS, told Izvestia. – They will directly cover the S-300V4 systems and calculations in the field of deployment – to protect against drones and missiles. And the tracked chassis will make them more maneuverable – they will be able to take positions in areas with poor roads.

The principles of building anti-aircraft missile defense have remained from Soviet times, but with the arrival of new equipment, its effectiveness goes to a different level, said the former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Air Force, Alexander Gorkov.

“Such defense includes short, medium and long range systems,” the expert told Izvestia. – Unfortunately, there was a period when we could not do this, because the units had only the same type of equipment. And when the S-300PM, S-400 and Pantsir complexes went to the troops, more effective mixed groupings began to develop. They have already been tested and used in the Moscow region, Crimea and some other regions of Russia.

Land “Shell”

Now all “Pantsiri” are supplied to the Aerospace Forces on a KamAZ wheeled chassis. They are used to arm air defense units equipped with the S-400, and separate mobile reserve regiments.

The main difference of the variant for the Ground Forces will be the installation of the modernized Pantsir-SM combat module on a new tracked chassis. With him, the complex will be able to accompany and cover air defense systems on the march through snow and off-road.

“Birdman” with a laser: Ground forces will receive a new air defense system SAM will replace the short-range air defense systems produced in the Soviet Union

It is equipped with all the innovations of the modernized version. Pantsir-SM-SV received a new radar with an active phased array. The increased accuracy and sensitivity allows it to detect targets at a distance of 70 km. An improved hypersonic missile was also created for it, the maximum interception range increased from 20 to 40 km.

Each combat vehicle can simultaneously fire at four aerial targets, aiming two missiles at each. The reach height is 15 km. The “Pantsiri” can operate both independently and in a complex manner – several units each, under a single automated control from the higher command posts of the air defense.

To destroy small drones and unguided rockets for Pantsir-SM, a small-sized simplified rocket was developed. In place of one transport and launch container, it will be possible to install four of these with a range of 5-7 km. With them, the ammunition load of one vehicle can be increased to 48 ammunition.

According to the chief designer of the complex Valery Slugin, “Pantsir” is capable of striking ground targets and military equipment not only with cannons, but also with its own ammunition. Such a mode of its use is provided for and is being worked out in training.

Defender of the armies

The S-300V4 system is intended for the defense of the most important objects of military-state significance and large groupings of troops. It protects them from both air strikes and medium and short-range ballistic missiles.

Army S-300V4 have little in common with their namesakes from the air defense units of the Aerospace Forces. After modernization, their characteristics approached the most modern domestic systems – the S-400 “Triumph”. This makes it possible to close the skies over areas of thousands of square kilometers and to protect an entire army from air attack. One system is capable of tracking and firing up to 24 air targets or 16 ballistic missiles.

They will hide behind “Shell”: mobile air defense regiments are being formed in the army In Siberia and the Far East, reserve units equipped with short-range air defense systems will be created

The updated S-300V4 received new radars and missiles. Now they are armed with the same long-range 48N6 that were developed for the S-400. Their range against aircraft reaches 400 km.

The version for the ground forces is now capable of shooting down operational-tactical missiles with a range of up to 2,500 km. The export version declares the possibility of their destruction at an altitude of 27 and a distance of 45 km.

Long range heavy missiles are expensive, and wasting ammo on minor aerial targets is too wasteful. They will be dealt with by the lighter Pantsiri-SM-SV.

The first S-300V4 entered service at the end of 2014. They were sent to the 77th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Southern Military District and the air defense training centers. In total, by 2020, it was possible to re-equip two air defense brigades. Now the third is being completed, which was created in the VVO last year.

In the fall of 2016, the S-300V4 complexes were sent to Syria to protect the Russian naval base in Tartus. There they gained experience of working together with Pantsiri. The Ministry of Defense reported on repelling several attacks by terrorist attack drones on the port. At the same time, it was not necessary to use long-range systems.


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