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At the foot of the “Kurganets”: the terms of state tests were set for the combat vehicle


The timing of state tests of promising combat vehicles of the Kurganets-25 family has been agreed: they will begin in a year, and the end is scheduled for the fall of 2022. The armored vehicles will be checked in different weather conditions and climatic zones. According to experts, some of its components and assemblies are already being tested.

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During the tests

The Defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex have agreed on a test schedule for BMP and armored personnel carriers from the Kurganets-25 family, sources in the military-industrial complex said. Judging by the work schedule, which Izvestia got acquainted with, from May to October 2021, preliminary tests of combat vehicles will take place. And state tests will begin in November and, according to plans, should be completed in 12 months. It is noteworthy that testing of individual components and assemblies of armored vehicles is already being carried out.

According to Izvestia’s sources, it is possible that after the state tests of Kurganets are completed, additional time will be allocated to correct the identified shortcomings.

The contract for the completion of development work on the medium tracked platform of Kurganmashzavod was signed in December last year. And already in February, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov said that the final delivery date for Kurgan will be determined by the Ministry of Defense based on the results of state tests. According to him, they were tentatively scheduled to be completed in 2022.

“State tests are a rather lengthy process, after all, one must not just drive along the highway and shoot, but carry out a whole range of measures,” military expert Viktor Murakhovsky told Izvestia. – It includes, for example, life tests, that is, the engine must work out the prescribed number of engine hours. The undercarriage must travel a given number of kilometers without replacing the tracks, and on various soils. The equipment should be tested in the highlands, in conditions of extreme heat and severe frosts. Field service and repair capabilities are also tested. Both the real terms and the resource costs for maintenance during operation will be recorded.

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According to the expert, in addition to testing the chassis, the weapons are being shot. It is necessary to withstand the specified resource for its survivability and preservation of the specified parameters. Absolutely everything will be checked, including the optoelectronic system and communications. Therefore, a year is still a relatively short period for a full cycle of state tests.

Design changes

The first Kurgan-25s were assembled in 2013. They were presented to the general public in 2015, along with other promising platforms for armored vehicles: the Armat tank, wheeled Boomerangs and the Coalition-SV self-propelled artillery unit.

The deadlines for completing research and development work on the platform have been repeatedly postponed. In 2015, the developer announced plans to enter state tests in 2017. Then, it was planned to start deliveries of Kurgansev in 2019. But due to the comments of the military on the basis of preliminary tests, numerous changes had to be made to the design.

Serial production of new tracked vehicles has not yet begun. The troops are in trial operation, there are several dozen units of a configuration that is not final. Their first parties were sent to the 2nd Guards Taman Motorized Rifle Division. It was they who became regular participants in military parades on the Red Square of the capital.

The Kurganets-25 platform itself should become the basis for several models of armored vehicles. Therefore, several of its samples are to be tested at once: the B-10 tracked armored personnel carrier, the B-11 infantry fighting vehicle and the B-12 armored recovery vehicle. The developer announced the possibility of further expanding the range of technology. It was also proposed to create an anti-tank version with a 125-mm cannon, a mobile reconnaissance post, a command vehicle and a radiation-chemical reconnaissance complex.

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Armored amphibian

The design weight of vehicles based on “Kurganets-25” reaches 25 tons. In terms of size and weight, they greatly exceed all models of light armored vehicles currently in service. But, despite the increased protection, the designers managed to maintain the buoyancy of the armored vehicles. Without special preparations, she can cross any river.

The main difference between the BMP B-11 version and the tracked armored personnel carrier will be more powerful armament. The Epoch module is installed on the BMP version presented this year. It includes the LSHO-57 57mm low ballistics cannon and the long-range anti-tank Kornets capable of destroying any combat vehicle. They are complemented by a complex with Bulat small-sized guided missiles for fire on light armored vehicles and firing points.

The crew and the landing force of the Kurgan are covered not only by armor, but also by the engine, which is installed in the front of the vehicle. People are in a capsule isolated from weapons and ammunition. Special armchairs are also provided for them to protect soldiers in the event of a mine explosion.

A key feature of the line of vehicles based on Kurganets will be the Afghanit active protection system installed on them. He detects and knocks down anti-tank grenades and missiles while approaching. The new generation of domestic armored vehicles should be the first for which such equipment will become standard.


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