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American pilot appreciated the fighting qualities of the MiG-29


The Soviet MiG-29 is a highly maneuverable aircraft, but lacks range and situational awareness, former US Air Force pilot Guy Raiser told The National Interest.

“MiG” has arrived: pilots of carrier-based fighters will add virtuality New information display system will help pilots in battle and study

It is noted that Raiser took part in the tests of these fighters in Poland in 2001, after the country joined NATO. In addition, he and his colleagues trained and trained Polish pilots.

“I was in the back seat. The plane was very maneuverable when it was needed, but it seemed to require a lot of fuel, ”said Raiser, comparing the MiG-29 to the American F-15E.

The American pilot added that the Soviet fighter “lacked overall situational awareness and range compared to NATO aircraft.”

In March last year, The National Interest reported that in 1997 the United States purchased 20 MiG-29s from Moldova and was able to evaluate them even then.

At the same time, the American pilots came to the conclusion that in a number of technical characteristics, including maneuverability, weight-to-thrust ratio, the Soviet fighter was superior to the American F-15 and F-16.

In April, Izvestia wrote that the latest MiG-29KR / KUBR carrier-based fighters of the Russian Navy will be equipped with a high-tech augmented reality system. The crews of the vehicles will receive unique protective helmets with augmented reality system, which will display flight and tactical information, as well as the flight path.

The MiG-29 is a fourth generation Russian multipurpose fighter. It entered serial production in 1982. Due to its outstanding qualities, the MiG-29 was actively exported to many countries. According to The National Interest, as of 2018, there were about 820 such fighters and their variants in operation, which is approximately 6% of all military aircraft in the world.


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