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All “Ash”: submarines will aim “Zircons” on the enemy


The Ministry of Defense intends to conduct a series of naval exercises, during which it plans to work out the interaction of the latest surface and submarine ships. We are talking about the unique nuclear submarines of the project 885 “Ash” and the frigates of the project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”. The nuclear submarines will aim at the targets the Zircon hypersonic missiles carried by the Gorshkov. The Ash trees are considered the quietest and most dangerous submarines in the world. Their combination with large frigates will radically increase the capabilities of the Russian Navy.

Effective partnership

Several joint exercises with the participation of “Ash” and frigates of the “admiral’s series” will take place next year, sources in the military department told Izvestia. The maneuvers will be carried out as part of the Northern Fleet’s combat training program.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, during the exercise, the control systems of the ships will be closed into a single circuit. Submarines will detect a simulated enemy and give target designation to frigates for launching “Zircons”. Those, in turn, will cover the submarines with their long-range anti-aircraft missile systems. Such interaction will allow the enemy to destroy his ships imperceptibly and completely unexpectedly for the enemy.

Ice time: Yasen project boats will be able to launch Zircons in the Arctic Russian attack nuclear submarines are ready to perform any combat missions in the northern latitudes

Earlier, the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseev, said that the fleet is adopting the most modern models of military equipment.

– First of all, these are ships of new projects, which will form the basis of the groupings, – he said.

Project 22350 frigates are currently under construction. The lead ship of the Admiral Gorshkov series has already entered the Navy. The second – “Admiral Kasatonov” – is completing state tests. The third – “Admiral Golovko” – was launched in May this year. It is expected that by the end of 2021 it will become part of the fleet, the Ministry of Defense reported.

“Admiral Isakov” should be commissioned in the next two years, and “Admiral Yumashev” and “Admiral Spiridonov” – in 2025-2026.

Representatives of the “admiral’s series” are among the most powerful in the Russian fleet. The new universal shipborne firing complex (UKSK) 3S-14 allows them to use the Kalibr cruise missiles and the Onyx anti-ship missiles.

Project 22350 frigates will become the main carriers of the Zircon hypersonic missiles. It is from the lead ship of the series that the product is tested.

Little is known about the characteristics and design features of the unparalleled hypersonic missile. Some data was presented after the first comprehensive test, which took place on October 6 this year. Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov reported to the President that the flight range was 450 km, the altitude was up to 28 km, the time was 4.5 minutes, and the speed was Mach 8. On the basis of these data, the experts assumed that after the launch, the rocket leaves the stratosphere, flies in it to the target location zone, and then, in a dive, engages a given enemy object.


Checkout in the ship

Thanks to the missile’s range and the quietness of the Yasen project submarines, Russian sailors will be able to sink enemy ships without putting themselves at risk, former submarine commander, Captain 1st Rank Igor Kurdin told Izvestia.

– Any actions in a group, be it a group of submarines or boats together with surface ships, increase the efficiency of the combat mission, – he explained. – “Ash” has exceptional search capabilities with the help of a sonar complex and other means of detection. At the same time, the nuclear submarine itself remains unnoticed. A surface ship is very easy to track. And the boat can find the target, establish covert tracking of it and transmit an order to the frigate. Thanks to this, he will be able to use his weapon from the maximum distance, without going into the reach of the enemy’s fire weapons. At the same time, the Zircon missile is such a powerful weapon and it is so difficult to shoot it down that it is almost guaranteed to destroy any ship.

Shaped variety: Yasen submarines change their appearance It has become known what the newest multipurpose submarines of Project 885M look like

Having transmitted the data, the nuclear submarine remains hidden from the enemy. After striking a blow, the submarine’s crew will check whether the target has been hit, and, if necessary, will strike again with their own weapons, Igor Kurdin noted.

Project 885 Yasen submarines are the most advanced multipurpose nuclear submarines to date. Now the Northern Fleet includes one lead ship of the series – Severodvinsk. Factory tests of the submarine took three years – during this time, the Caliber and Onyx missile systems were also being finalized.

In the near future, the Navy should reinforce several modified ships of the project 885M “Yasen-M”. These nuclear submarines use a more modern element base, as well as improved equipment and materials. Two such submarines – “Kazan” and “Novosibirsk” – are currently being tested.

In the design and construction of submarines of both projects, many revolutionary solutions were applied. In particular, a new design was used for the first time – a lightweight hull covers only part of a strong nose to reduce noise.

The nuclear reactor is made according to the technology in which the pipelines of the primary coolant are placed in the reactor vessel. Such an arrangement in the event of an emergency or damage to the submarine significantly reduces the likelihood of an accident and radiation exposure of the crew. The reactor can operate for 25-30 years without recharging, which is comparable to the service life of the nuclear submarine itself. For the first time, torpedo 533-mm tubes are located not in the bow of the ship, but behind the compartment of the central post.


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