The Russian firm combat-market was founded in 1998. The main activity of the company is the production of accessories, uniforms for law enforcement agencies and security structures. The manufacturer tries to bring the main goal of production – complete satisfaction of customer requirements for quality to a high level, compliance with the quality standards adopted in this industry, and the convenience of products manufactured by the enterprise. We are fully responsible for our goods to the buyer, for this, first of all, certain materials are selected that meet the requirements of operational and consumer properties, the conditions and duration of the product.

With a huge variety of assortment of Russian firms – manufacturers, our products are given a set of certain properties, the totality of which distinguishes it from other products. This is due to the large proportion of manual labor in the overall production process, as well as careful control at all stages of design and production. Provision without defective labor is our main principle in solving the problem of achieving high quality.

The range of products manufactured by our company is quite diverse. When developing products, the assortment and quality of products are compared with analogues of domestic production and foreign samples, as well as the requirements imposed by consumers on the company’s products, its assortment and quality. The analysis of the production and economic activities of the enterprise is carried out, in connection with which, the range is constantly updated. All newly developed models are tested in real conditions, so they meet the specific requirements for special-purpose products in modern operating conditions.

The wishes of our customers are very important for us, therefore we try to consider all proposals for improving our products and its range, and are ready to discuss new opportunities for joint cooperation.

IP Bannikov Dmitry Andreevich
INN: 540543531395
OKPO: 0106199870
PSRN / PSRNP 316547600180370
Bank account: 40802810844050008447
BIK: 045004641
Cor. account: 30101810500000000641
INN: 7707083893
Gearbox: 540645005
Actual address: 630009, Novosibirsk, st. Nikitina 20
Legal address: 630009, Novosibirsk, st. Nikitina 2 \ 1, 105