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About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

About the store, products and employees of "С"

Сombat-market is a trading company that offers clothing, equipment, ammunition and accessories for hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and survival in the wild or industrial environment.

The company includes an online store, two retail outlets operating in Moscow, and a sewing workshop. The catalog “” contains clothing and equipment of Russian brands and of our own production, which is produced under the trademark of the same name.


Our clients are ...

Among the buyers of “” are hunters and representatives of law enforcement agencies, survivors and contract servicemen, tourists and fans of military games. They are individual and not alike. But they are united by the desire to live interestingly and brightly, not missing any of the opportunities that life provides. We work specifically for such people and provide them with the opportunity to buy high-quality clothing and equipment of our own tailoring or brands whose history goes back decades.

What principles do we practice?

The principle of park paths is when they first look at where people trample paths, and then asphalt. We release a product and closely monitor customer opinions and reviews throughout the year. And for the next season, we are preparing an update based on user comments. – Other manufacturers pay little attention to the opinion of buyers, do not go into details and nuances. We approach production thoroughly and solve the problem at a fundamentally different level. The consequence of this approach is the functionality and durability of the equipment.
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