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Russian military gear

Fulfillment of combat missions is impossible without durable, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. The basic principle of Russian military gear is modularity and multi-layering, it must reliably protect against cold, wind and precipitation. The military surplus of the Russian army includes underwear and underwear, a cotton or insulated jacket and trousers suit, a sweater, a windbreaker, hats and several sets of shoes. Thanks to the lining and detachable collar, the military uniform can be easily adjusted to the actual weather conditions. For sewing military clothing, we use durable and breathable fabrics that are comfortable to wear and do not require special care.

Army shop “” offers a full set of summer and winter Russian military gear for all types of troops. We accept applications for tailoring field and ceremonial military uniforms to order. Each military surplus is tested in the field and meets the standards approved by the RF Ministry of Defense. Also in our store you can purchase the necessary tactical gear for military personnel, police and security.


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